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Life in the lab

Cell biology as a passion

We can learn a lot about our cells by just looking at them.  We study the intersection between cell signalling and membrane trafficking.

Genetic screens

To find new important players in the mechanisms (new "targets"), we use aim to harness the power of genetic screens.

Hypothesis testing

If we get lucky with our searches, we find new genes to investigate in focussed experiments.  Media colour changes indicate higher rates of glycolysis (i.e. we have altered cell metabolism)

Out mighty workhorse: the confocal

Kaylee doing some cell imaging to study mitochondrial dynamics 

Glowing proteins

We often use fluorescently tagged proteins that enable us to follow processes in live cells.  These tools are so robust, you can notice their colours with the naked eye.

The foundation is still biochemistry

Monica diligently plugging away:  the clearest answers still often come from simple experiments performed with the humble western blot.

Science and art, a perfect combination

Its nice to get away from the lab, here at a painting (by numbers) day by the beach.

chillax time

whenever possible, we look for a chance to go for some drinks and chat

Graduation time

Here is Mahmud finishing up.  Getting a PhD is a serious achievement.  Time for a serious photo.

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